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Mark Juettner
Owner / President

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -Robin Williams

Mark is the epitome patriarchal figure of the Juettner Motors Family. With title of owner and president under his belt, there is nothing our chief can't handle, except maybe some of the sales guys' terrible jokes. But when you think he is rolling his eyes, he surprises you by firing right back.  You'll always feel like part of the family when visiting Juettner Motors, especially when you hear his booming voice calling for you across the building. Dads, right?


Starting out in the business just after school, Mark hailed from the Twin Cities area to assist his father with building the Juettner Motors family business. Thinking this wasn't the route he intended to take, he met his wife, Kris, and it was all over after that. There was no way he would ever leave Alexandria without her. Awwwwww…. And so, he remained assisting, then leading, the family business since 1976.


When you can't hear Mark at the office, he is most likely out on the lake, on the golf course, or wrangling his grand kiddos. This family man loves his family and community.  Always shying away from any recognition, Mark is passionate about serving and contributing to the Alexandria community in one way or the other. Don't tell him we told you, he'll request this bio to come down!

Joe Juettner
Vice President

"I like telling dad jokes. Sometimes he laughs!"

You will often hear this tall drink of fashionable water bantering with his brother on the radio. But don't let the dad joke humor fool you. Joe has some serious business skills and continuously crushes the competition in used car sales. He makes sure that deals and processes go smoothly ensuring our sales team is supported and our customers are happy. There is nothing this guy can't handle, and he goes about it with a boisterous laugh.


Joe always knew his career trajectory - the family business. He wanted to fast track his experience by joining the team right after school. From working in parts, service, sales, and management, there is not one role Joe has not filled during his tenure at Juettner Motors (maybe body shop/collision - not his artistic choice). This must be how he smoothly navigates any situation at hand.


When he isn't trying to run over any fellow team members in the parking lot (just kidding!), this guy has a hard time staying away from work. When the team pushes him out the door to enjoy a day off, he and his wife, Lisa, are most likely trying to live it up before their first child arrives. He may also decide to go fishing or hunting, but only if he feels inclined. Or, maybe he's catching up on all the naps he may never see again.

Jake Juettner
Vice President

"Car puns are exhausting."

He's not just a clever guy competing in the best pun tournament with his brother, Jake leads the new car sales (among several other things) at Juettner Motors. When he isn't running around the lot, partaking in imperative meetings, or entertaining you on the radio, you'll find this rascal plotting in his office - trying to figure out the best prices and deals for your new vehicle.


After completing a business degree at North Dakota State University, Jake has some serious skillz to pay his billz. Starting at Juettner Motors in the parts department and climbing his way up through service and sales, this guy knows the ins and outs of the auto business. You will not find another who shies away from working every rank.


If you don't happen to find Jake at his home away from home, you may find that he escaped to an easy-as-Sunday-morning beach vacation with his lovely wife, Emily. Or, if you try to spot him outside of the family business, he may be hunting with the family or hitting up a local golf course on a nice, non-breezy, day.

Adam Downing
Vice President

"All the money in the world never bought another minute of time." - Tony Stark

All he wants from life is a vehicle fit to hold six - sounds about right. Adam is our down to earth, steadfast and family-centered Vice President.  His financial knowledge, business mentality, and analytical approach to problem solving makes him the strategic planner and finance guru you are looking for. You will not find a more genuine individual passionate about putting others first.


Adam joined the Juettner Motors family in 2018, bringing with him 14 years' financial experience from the health insurance industry. He is a graduate from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Finance and Management. He's a pretty smart guy.


If you do not see him in his office, he is usually at home entertaining his wife, Jessica, and their four children, three of whom are triplets (now you understand the vehicle to fit six). When he has time to let loose, he enjoys hunting, exercising, and running the beaches of Mexico. You may also find him practicing slick dance lifts, Dirty Dancing-style, with his wife. No one puts Adam in a corner.

Tom Dietman
Finance Manager

"Quality is a journey that has no destination." - Herman Cain

You know you're about to meet Tom when all of a sudden you hear, "Top of the day!" This Irishman has graced Juettner Motors with his cheery and enthusiastic demeanor since 2020. Tom is one of the best finance managers around as he has the rare ability to easily break down complex information. Did we mention? He loves taking time to visit with our clients. He ensures his customers leave his office as experts.


Although one of the newer additions to the Juettner Motors family, Tom brings over 20 years' experience in the automotive and hospitality industry. A proud alumnus of the University of Minnesota Duluth, Tom possesses a B.S. in Business Management. His experience and workstyle reflect our midwestern traditional values of being committed, driven and compassionate.


During his time off, Tom enjoys spending time with his family. He is married with two adult children and three dogs. One more dog and he's bolting. Whenever he can, he sets out for an outdoor adventure whether it be running, mountaineering, canoeing, biking, or enjoying processing the game his kids harvest during hunting season.

Mark Johnson
Collision Center Manager

"If you're going to do it, do it right."

Mark has graced Juettner Motors with his presence for over 30 years with an expertise in auto body/collision repair and a good sense of humor. When this guy isn't amusing you with a quick quip or an entertaining professional development quote of the day, he is working hard to ensure your vehicle comes back to you better than when you brought it in.


The experience Mark provides is exceptional. He possesses a degree in auto body work along with certifications from PPG, Ford, and Chrysler. If you have a question, Mark has an answer (or he'll find it).


When Mark isn't amusing us with his sunny disposition and useful life quotes, he enjoys spending time at home with his family - especially with his grand kiddos. You may also find him out in his boat, riding his four-wheeler or woodworking at home.  Though he'll never admit it, you may get a good story from him, but only with bribery of cookies - chocolate chip to be exact.

Ron Johnson
Service Manager

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin

After a great 27 years, Ron still loves calling Juettner Motors home. As an experienced mechanic, service advisor, and your very own service manager, there is pretty much nothing Ron can't help out with. Could you expect any less? The man grew up running around his parent's restaurant learning a thing or two about anticipating customers' needs. This is also probably why he's become a passionate lasagna aficionado - haven't you heard? His wife's recipe is the best!


Ron's adventure with mechanics started at a young age of tinkering with vehicles and running folks over at the raceways - just kidding, he'd rather be working on the engine than flooring the gas pedal.  Keeping to his local Alexandrian roots, he obtained two associates degrees in auto repair -one being from Willmar Technical College and the other from Alexandria Technical and Community College.


When Ron isn't hiding in his cozy cabin of an office, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Shelly, and their two children, Kaden and Kinzie. He is an active supporter of the Alexandria High School girls' volleyball booster club and sometimes sneaks away to golf a few rounds at Geneva Golf Club. Cross your fingers for some eagles and birdies this season!

Dennis Marthaler
Parts Department Manager

Dennis Marthaler - "Life is about the journey, not the destination."


Welcome to the illustrious department of parts and our man with the plan, Dennis. Enjoying his quiet time in our service department, he's the man who hunts down and secures any part(s) that may be needed to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly or put back in one piece. His calm, patient, and determined nature ensures Juettner Motors is well stocked with the appropriate parts and synergy.


Originally a farm boy from south of Osakis, Dennis has always been in the farming and vehicle parts industry. After spending years at Napa Auto Parts, he joined Juettner Motors in 1996 and later became Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Master Certified. Now enjoying 25 years at Juettner Motors, he has been officially titled our Parts Department Manager. He knows a thing or two.


When Dennis isn't seeking out a hard-to-find part, or running his crew, he enjoys traveling whenever, and wherever, he can. Though he prefers the warmer, and tropical vacation spots, he still endeavors to eventually head to Alaska or Hawaii. He also enjoys rocking out at concerts with his partner in crime and spending time on the family farm.



Amber Salonek

"You will never be ready, just go for it!"


One of the first faces you'll see when entering Juettner Motors, Amber always has a shining smile and welcoming presence that you can't help but enjoy. She is your go-to concierge. This fun fire cracker will always have a quip, smile, or story to share with you on your arrival. Just as her about her family nickname, there is a reason we call her, "Middle."

After graduating from Alexandria Technical and Community College with two associates degrees in business management and fashion management, Amber joined the Juettner Motors family two years ago. During her time off, she is an entrepreneur, owning her own e-commerce and pop-up store.

When Amber is not assisting customers at our front desk, she enjoys time at home with her husband, Andy, currently renovating their new home. There is nothing like house projects that keep you wanting to come back to work. Amber has a love for fashion, travel, hiking, and her two pups - Milo & Koda - that keep her entertained.



Bill Grove
Sales Consultant

"Can't judge a forest by its trees."

Bill joined our Juettner Motors clan in 2015 as a hobby away from home. This wise cowboy has seen it all across the auto industry. Bill is our jack of all trades, coming from a mixed background of the auto industry, engineering, construction and mechanics. If you need to know anything about vehicles, especially classic cars, Bill is your one stop shop.


Bill has a background starting with a family company that invented the four-wheel drive system, along with other vehicle alignment products, tying into three major auto manufacturers. After attempting to retire one time (just once wasn't enough), he went on to building and owning a construction company, retired; went into mechanics, retired; and then decided to join Juettner Motors. Because, after all, the man loves vehicles and enjoys sharing that knowledge.


When Bill isn't entertaining his customers with stories about his classic car collection, he spends time with his wife, Mary, restoring classic cars, glass etching, wood working and painting. And to tug at your heart strings, he's stated, "She helps me with everything." As for his next restoration project, Bill is on the hunt for a 1955 Cadillac El Dorado. If you happen to have one, please let the man have it.

Morgan Hauer
Sales Consultant

"You don't get to where I am without trying."

Morgan lives, breathes, and dreams of Juettner. Passionate about helping others find the right vehicle, he rarely strays far from his Juettner home. Colleagues describe Morgan as immaculate and clutch with a cherub-like demeanor. He truly makes vehicle shopping approachable, engaging, and fun.


After working in sales (from vehicle restoration to haberdashery) for 9 years, he joined the Juettner Motors family in 2017. Morgan is passionate about sharing his expertise, humor, and time with everyone - and we mean everyone. He is known to drop everything for those in need; including rescuing a customer from a broken-down vehicle at two in the morning.


Morgan comes from a 5th generation Douglas County farming family and still enjoys spending his off hours at the family farm in Belle River. When he finally allows himself time off, he enjoys restoring Airstream campers and riding his Harley Davidson Sportster.

Josh Hornberger
Sales Consultant

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." - Hunter S. Thompson

Looking for someone to keep you entertained on a Thursday afternoon? Josh is the person you are looking for. With his relaxed, joyful and playful approach to life he makes looking for a vehicle an adventure. This is probably due to his love of storylines. We find him to be a great listener with a constant need to put his customer's needs first.


Josh was welcomed into the Juettner family in 2020. After achieving two associates degrees in liberal arts and physical therapist assistant, Phi Theta Kappa - because, why not? -  he spent five years as a physical therapist assistant prior to Juettner Motors.  In addition, he is involved with Boy Scouts of America as an alumni Eagle Scout - so, if you need to survive in the wilderness, he may be your guy.


Externally, Josh is an avid lover of the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, snow shoeing, and kayaking. When no one is watching, Josh harbors a secret love of Star Wars, videogames and a business card collection that rivals your grandpa's stamp collection.

Sam Pederson
Sales Consultant

"Put the fun in functional!"

If you always wanted that younger brother without the luck of getting your way, stop by and visit Sam. He is known as the trustworthy kid brother around here (his nickname happens to be "Junior"). Sam is always eager to be of assistance and usually has that "I'm up to something" grin to ensure your day is spontaneous and interesting.


After completing an A.A. in Sales and Marketing at Alexandria Technical and Community College, Sam came on board to the Juettner Motors family in 2018. You see, a love of vehicles and meeting new people is in his blood. Sam comes from a family who has been a part of the auto industry in one way or the other.


When Sam isn't struggling to come up with a favorite quote or his three favorite words (he is still traumatized by all the "bio questions") at work, he enjoys spending his time off fishing and hunting with his pup, Sage. He also enjoys racing around in his red Jeep Wrangler waving at co-workers who try not to pay attention to him. Little brothers. . . always looking for attention.



AJ DuFresne
Service Advisor

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." - Mr. Rogers

Ever wish there was someone who would sort through all the warranties applicable to your vehicle? No? Well, if that time comes, you'll want AJ. As our warranty whisperer - this man can sort, filter, and hunt down ways to help you out of a jam.  He possesses the amazing ability to turn frowns upside down. His patient, empathetic, and calm demeanor makes him an amazing listener with a keen ability to be our customers' best advocate. This also makes him the best heavy metal-head ninja you'd ever seen.


Coming up on his Tin Anniversary (10 years) with the Juettner Motors family, AJ started out chasing down parts in the back of the store and worked his way into service advisement. He is now the proud owner of the "warranty administration specialist" hat.


When AJ isn't seen behind plexiglass, you may find him trying to stay awake on the lake or at the golf course - his four-month-old son, Anders, likes to keep him and his wife, Teresa, awake all hours of the night. That little dude is just fighting for his right to party.  But, all's well that ends well.  Just try to keep the smile off AJ's face when he gets to chatting about his kid's smile and laugh. Ahh, the small joys in life.

Scott Eldred
Service Advisor

"A very interesting theory makes no sense at all." -Groucho Marx

Please meet Scott, our once upon a time down-to-earth farmer who joined the Juettner Motors family 25 years ago and is still going strong. He continuously brings his driven and "have to stay busy" work ethic every day - no wonder he is the cream of the crop.


Upon initially joining Juettner Motors, he tried his hand at sales for a year, but that was too calm for him. This guy loves challenges and moves through his work at a race car's pace. Don't be shy when you stop by for service, he goes crazy over ensuring our customers are well taken care of.


If you thought this speed racer takes it easy outside of work, you got another thing coming.  Scott keeps himself entertained by spending time with his wife, Sandy, and his yellow lab, Ruby. They regularly vacation in Florida, because, that is where everyone enjoys deep sea fishing. You may also find them camping in their 5th wheel. If that wasn't enough, each season Scott and Ruby will sneak away to pheasant hunt. Just perfect!

Rob Wiener
Service Advisor

"A positive attitude is key to success."

Rob is celebrating his 24th anniversary this year in the Juettner Motors family. Give him a hand! When Rob is not assisting our customers behind the service shield, he is one of the friendly faces that will tell you what is going on with your vehicle or to tell you that everything is good to go. His calm and patient demeanor make him one of the best to chat cars with.


As a mechanic graduate of Dunwoody and onto several roles in the auto industry from east coast to west, Rob has amassed knowledge that he is happy to share with everyone. And one job isn't enough. Outside of Juettner Motors, he is a gambling manager at the Legion, is actively involved with Lions Club International, and has owned a D.J. company.


Rob is all about family and philanthropy. He is a proud husband and father to six children, along with seven grand kiddos. He is passionate about service and leadership through Lions Club, as he has accrued three presidential awards, two medals of excellence, and is a recipient of a Melvin James Award. You can also see he is excited about his next new appointment as District Governor for the Lions Club. We just can't wait to visit him at the BINGO tent at the next county fair!