The Ford Escape uses AdvanceTrac to stabilize its wheels on the road. AdvanceTrac is a very useful system because its technology complements Curve Control, which is another standard Ford feature.

AdvanceTrac monitors the Escape's roll rates using two gyroscopic sensors. These sensors can detect a variety of changes that impact handling on the road. If the Escape begins to oversteer or understeer, AdvanceTrac will sense it. AdvanceTrac can also detect rolling motions and wheelslip; these problems typically occur on roads that have puddles, ice, or gravel. Curve Control is one of Ford's safety technologies. It slows the Escape down whenever it travels around a steep curve.

You can test these performance features and other technologies at Juettner Ford in Alexandria, MN. If you want to check out key systems that only activate on the road, a test drive is worth considering. At our dealership, the process of arranging a test drive is simple because our staff is dependable, fast, and efficient.

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