Drivers vary on how often they wash their vehicles. Some feel that once or twice a month is sufficient, while others meticulously wash their cars each week. The question of how often to wash your car really comes down to its environmental challenges.

If your climate is primarily desert, grit can scratch your car's delicate paint, dulling its shine, while the bright sunlight can fade it. Harsh winter climates that utilize salt and sand on slippery roads will cause your vehicle to corrode. Pollution from factories, bug splatter from damp spring weather, pollen from plants and bird droppings from a flock in a nearby tree can all damage your paint finish, requiring you to perform weekly maintenance to counteract the destructive influence.

Keeping your vehicle in a garage when not in use is an excellent way to protect it, as are weekly washings and waxings. Properly maintained, your vehicle's exterior can actually allow you to set a higher asking price when you go to sell it.

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