Go on an Adventure with the Ford EcoSport

Where will you go in your Ford EcoSport? The answer is anywhere you want. This compact SUV gives you the performance and capability that you want in a compact SUV. Whether you're planning an adventure in the great outdoors or a day of errands around town, the EcoSport is your ready partner.

One of the reasons that our customers choose the EcoSport is how it saves you money through daily operation. You'll save even more on gas with the auto start-stop technology that shuts down the engine when at a stoplight and automatically restarts it when you apply your foot to the gas.

You'll also have room to spare with the Ford EcoSport's cargo management system. Thanks to a variety of seating configurations, you'll be able to accommodate your passengers as well as all of their luggage or sporting gear. You won't get more from any other compact SUV.

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