2018 Ford Transit Connect Proximity Sensors Can Boost Your Awareness

Even the most vigilant drivers can make mistakes, but vehicles like the popular 2018 Ford Transit Connect light-delivery and passenger van can help drivers to maintain awareness. The 2018 Transit Connect does so with a raft of driver awareness systems that includes its proprietary proximity sensor array.

It can be hard to judge distances from the driver's seat, but the 2018 Transit sensor array provides drivers like you with bumper-based ultrasound transducers that can sense nearby objects. When the Connect comes too close to external objects, this system provides audible alerts that increase in frequency as distances decrease. This feature can be especially useful when you need to back into tight spaces, and it is ably supported by the Connect rear-view camera system.

You can get a closer look at both systems by taking one of our Juettner Motors Inc. test-drive models for a spin. To enjoy a no-obligation test-run, swing by our place in the Alexandria area today.

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