New Ford C-Max Smart Features that Impress

The crew working here at Juettner Motors Inc. wanted to make certain we bring awareness to the Ford C-MAX now that this popular compact hybrid is on the lot. Here are a few smart features that help making driving safer and easier for motorists.

Driving in reverse does not have to be a challenge in the Ford C-Max because the rear back-up camera helps increase visibility. Activated the second the vehicle gets shifted into reverse, the center console screen is your monitor now for seeing things both moving and stationary that could be in the path of your vehicle.

The Ford C-Max also is equipped with an Enhanced Active Park Assist feature for not only finding the perfect size space to park, but guiding you into that space as well. Once the system is activated, radars scan for the best space to part, then the monitor prompts the driver when to shift, brake, and accelerate.



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